My name is Rosa van de Vooren and I am a sculptor, the subjects that I have been working with for the last years are male faces, fishes and female forms. The materials I work with are mostly Alabaster, Soapstone and Serpentine that gives me an immense variety of colors, depth and sense of texture within the sculptures. I also work with Papier-mâché combined with wood, metal and paint.

A bit about me

Born in Friesland/The Netherlands in 1972 but grew up on the west coast of Norway where my parents restored old wooden sailing ships. In 1987 my family and I moved to Tenerife/Spain where studied at Art School majoring in Advertising and Graphic design. In 2000 I moved to Amsterdam/The Netherlands where I got back to my artistic beginning and worked as a Prop-maker, Set dresser and Special effects designer for several movies, TV series and commercials. In 2003 I settled down in Oporto/Portugal permanently and opened up my atelier where I presently work as a sculptor. 


1990-94 Art School “A.A.O.A.” Tenerife/Spain 

1995 “Graphic Design and Advertising”. Northeastern University, Boston/USA STAGIARY 1995 In a Graphic Design firm “Venture Sports”. Mansfield/USA 


2017 "Art in Nature", collective outdoor Finca El Lance, Tenerife, Spain

2017 ABU Art, collective exhibition, Dals Långed, Sweden

2016 Khilegalleriet, collective exhibition, Horten, Norway

2016 Galeria MicroArte, Lisboa, Portugal

2015 Galeria Baganha, "Parte de Nós", collective exhibition, Porto, Portugal

2014 Konstnärernas kollektivverkstad Bohuslän, collective exhibition, Bohuslän, Sweden

2009 Casa Cultura Paranhos, individual exhibition, Porto, Portugal